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My name is Adam McClain. I live, own a home, and vote in Massachusetts. For the better part of ten years I have been working building sets for the film industry. I started a few years before the film incentive was introduced. It has been amazing to see the industry grow and develop in that time.  Two of my responsibilities are to hire crew and order materials. The number of carpenters and welders in the set construction arm of the film industry has doubled since I have been around. At any given moment in the last few years I have had 50-200 people working with me just on constructing sets. Each of those jobs is a fair-paying wage with medical and retirement benefits (paid for by the production company). They all pay income tax.

Films will not come here without an incentive. Many states have similar incentives. Film and television productions will go to those states, make no mistake about it. This is my career. Without the tax incentive, I can no longer work near my home in Massachusetts. I, along with many other people, will be either be jobless or will need to leave the state.

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