Adam :: Set Lighting Technician

The Faces of The Film Industry in MA

My name is Adam Peabody, and I am a lifer. I grew up in local news with a father at WCVB and an uncle at WBZ; I have a film school education and 18 years as a professional in the motion picture industry. Before the film tax incentive, I had no choice but to leave my home for Hollywood and toil in the floundering film business there. The success of the Massachusetts film tax incentive has provided me with the opportunity to return home to my parents, my family, my wife’s family, my friends, and my Red Sox. We’ve bought a house, gotten a dog, and settled in. It’s been a dream come true to live in the place I love and do the job I was born for. It is in my blood, and it defines me as a person, more so than ever before. Now everything I’ve worked for is in jeopardy.

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