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My name is Aileen Sovronsky, and I have had the honor of working in the film business in Massachusetts for the last 25 years. I love what I do and I love living in Boston. I work on television commercials, television shows, and movies. I work in the art department as an art director, set decorator, art department buyer, and prop master.

We own a home in Dorchester and have raised two sons while working in the film business in Massachusetts. My children both went to Boston Public Schools and are now entering and completing college respectively. A big part of my job is to spend money on props and items to “dress” sets. This is money spent at local businesses, big and small. Our community has cultivated great relationships with vendors, and many of them count on the work brought to them as a direct result of the film tax incentive.

Our film community is a hardworking, dedicated “family” who support and care about each other. It will be crushing if the tax incentive is taken away. A thriving and successful industry will be destroyed, leaving many families in its wake.


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