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My name is Alfredo Viera. I am a truck driver who has been working in the motion picture division since 2008. Life was very difficult to prior to getting a job on the movie division. I worked for several transport companies as a class A truck driver; the work was inconsistent, and wages were poor. To be completely honest, good jobs were impossible to find.

At this time, my son just turned two and was diagnosed with autism. Before working with the movie companies, my salary made it difficult to help my son get the services he needed to support his learning and development. I don’t want to go too far into the challenges with health care coverage, cost of services, and access to services for children with autism. However, I can sum it up as this: If you are a working-class individual who makes a small salary, your child will be screwed. Services are just unaffordable. One day a very smart man/woman/or team of individuals decided to put job creation for the citizens of Massachusetts at the forefront of their campaign. They gave the big movie industry a little bit of a tax break to help support growing jobs for working-class citizen like me, who has worked and paid taxes his whole entire life, without ever receiving aide from the government in my times of need. Eventually, God blessed me with the opportunity to work with the movies.

The movie industry has provided working-class folks like me with stable jobs, decent wages, and good working conditions. I can now say that my son has a fighting chance. Since getting the job for the movies, I have been able to enroll my son in different programs that specialize in helping children with autism.

We can’t rely on a system that resources are already exhausted for support. Just let us work! We will pay taxes as workers, and we will take care of our families too.

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