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My Name is Amanda Dobson. I have been working in the film industry as a rigging grip and set dresser for five years now. The year I started working in the film industry, Gov. Deval Patrick proposed putting a cap on the incentive. The proposal was voted down, but the damage was already done, and the film industry in Massachusetts almost disappeared completely.

Since then, productions slowly started coming back to the area, and the industry has really started ramping up again. This has allowed me to continue working doing something I love and remain in Massachusetts.

Make no mistake — if Gov. Baker is successful in eliminating the tax incentive, the Massachusetts Film Industry WILL CEASE TO EXIST. This will mean that thousands of jobs, including my own, will be lost; millions of dollars spent in the local economy by productions, cast, and crew will be lost; and the opportunity for Massachusetts to have a thriving film industry will disappear.

Massachusetts is my home. I am not one of these “Hollywood types” I keep hearing the news articles refer to. I am a Massachusetts resident who works hard, pays taxes, and spends money locally just like many of my co-workers. We are all real people, and we have a lot to lose if the incentive is eliminated.

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