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My name is Andy Boucher. I went to Emerson College and I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. I have worked at High Output, a Massachusetts-based production services provider, for the past ten years. During my time as production manager there, I have seen the positive impact the film tax incentive has had for our company in increased revenues, which has in turn caused an increase in spending to support our customers. We’ve put more equipment, vehicles, and people to work because of it. I know this is true not only for High Output, but for the entire local community. It is amazing to think about the scope of the growth that has occurred over the past few years since the incentive was put in place. From the services and equipment for which productions used to have to go out of state now being offered locally, to the increased size and talent of the local labor offerings, the Massachusetts film community has really stepped up to be a first-class production hub.

During my time at High Output, I have also worked on location as an electric — not only on feature films, but also on commercials and television projects, many of which I know would not have shot here if it weren’t for the film tax incentive. There are so many Massachusetts-based companies. Wouldn’t it be great if they all shot their commercials in Massachusetts? If the incentive goes away, so will many films, television shows, and commercials. The damage would be real. Real revenue. Real businesses. Real jobs.

Keep the financial and job growth in Massachusetts — support the production incentive!

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