Ashley :: Production Assistant


I’ve worked as a production assistant steadily for five years because of the productions that come to Massachusetts for the film tax credit. I’ve worked in several departments on locally produced low-budget and studio films. I am picking up more freelance camera and editing work because of the industry expanding here. This is my career, and I get to work and establish myself where I grew up, also watching and helping my niece and nephews grow up. We’re very close; I would hate to have to leave.

I’ve seen a LOT of money get spent here, and a lot of it put into local businesses, which I really support. Any time I’ve been sent to buy anything, from a massive food order to printed graphics, I’ve been instructed to go to local “Ma and Pa shops.” We all care very much about local businesses and the working relationships we create with these vendors; any chance we get, we send money their way.

It’s great advertisement for these businesses, as well. Just one example: my uncle appreciated the exposure of his landscaping business, when he was compensated to use his beautiful home as a location in a film shot in Central Mass by a local film company that utilized the incentive. There is a permanent stamp on his business that says “a film was shot here, and I designed this yard.” His clients and friends will never forget that.

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