Bernie :: Lighting Technician


I’ve lived in Massachusetts for over 25 years, working in the electric department in the film industry. I work on motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and other types of productions. My wife and I have two daughters. We choose to live and work here because we love it here and enjoy the quality of life this area offers.

We’re just regular, hardworking, tax-paying people like many others in this state. It’s important to note that, without the state’s film tax incentive supporting it, our bright and thriving production industry will most certainly be threatened, which will affect not hundreds, but thousands of people who live here in state and depend on this industry to make a living.

That would mean lost jobs, lost wages, lost homes, and lost taxes for the state of Massachusetts. I am 56 years old. Should this tax credit disappear, so will my opportunity to co-provide for my family. Starting over in today’s job market at my age would be a difficult hardship placed on my family.

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