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My name is Billy Benner, and I work in the transportation department on film and television productions in Massachusetts. I have lived in Massachusetts for my entire life. I went to Bridgewater State College and graduated in 2006.

At the time of graduation, the Massachusetts job market was not promising. However, I learned that the movie 21, which was filming in Massachusetts due to a newly passed film tax incentives, was looking for local crew members. Being fresh out of school and needing a job, I jumped at the opportunity. At the time, I looked at the work as temporary until I could start my “career.” Fast forward nine years to where I am now. This is my career.

I have worked steadily in the film industry in Massachusetts. This industry has been successful in our state due to the film tax incentives.  The incentives make it worth it for Hollywood to do business here. I am now a proud husband, father, and homeowner.  I am just one of many that will suffer should the film tax incentives be eliminated.  Working families are depending on these jobs to continue.

We need these jobs so that we are able to support our children, our families, ourselves, and our lives. This is not about subsidizing rich movie stars. This is about keeping the hardworking people of Massachusetts employed.

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