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My name is Brittany Truett, and I am 25 years old. I’ve had the experience of a lifetime working in film with the accounting department for the past three years (feels like a lot longer). Right after graduating from Framingham State University, I had the amazing opportunity to work as an accounting clerk for the Feature Film Labor Day. Fast forward through many more projects as an assistant accountant, I finally reached my goal as payroll accountant. I still remain in awe of what we do. To see such hardworking and passionate individuals come together from a variety of different backgrounds to make a film is truly amazing.

I have had firsthand experience working in accounts payable and payroll and I see just how important the Massachusetts film tax incentive is. Film productions spend thousands and thousands of dollars with hundreds of local vendors in such a short period of time. Even now, I see weekly emails from vendors checking in to see if any productions will be coming to the area and asking me to contact them for their services. This shows just how important our productions are for their businesses to thrive. Not to mention the hundreds of jobs that film productions supply to each and every one of us. Trust me, I have had to make hundreds of files for each and every worker on each production on which I work, and stuff the hundreds of weekly paychecks.  I deal with the financial side of the film industry in Massachusetts and I know that eliminating the film tax incentives would be an incredible loss for the Massachusetts community — vendors, workers, and all.

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