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save-ma-film-jobs_0030My name is Cameron Matheson, and I am a resident of Arlington, MA. I have been in the film business for close to twenty years now. My position in the filmmaking process is leadman for set decoration. I would like to provide some information on my responsibilities:

When a feature film or television show comes to Massachusetts, I am responsible for putting together a talented group of set dressers to support and carry out the vision of the set decorator/art department. My local crew alone can be anywhere from 20 to 30 men and women. Five out of my first ten are also veterans. Over the course of six months (on average) per project, we work very hard to provide a backdrop for the director and actors to tell their story.

For example, in late 2014/early 2015 we worked on a very large feature film in Quincy Shipyard called The Finest Hours, a story about a Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Chatham in 1952. Our work with the surrounding communities, including Chatham, was paramount to telling this story. Over the course of six months, I was purchasing or renting materials (or vehicles) from at least sixty local vendors — anything from nautical antiques, specialty hardware, plumbing, electrical, furniture, welding materials, property, and more. We spent large sums of money in a very short amount of time. In turn, the vendors loved us!!

My crew and I have prospered substantially over the past six years and would really love to keep our momentum going. We have been able to make investments in new homes for our families, bolster our equipment to handle the influx of work, and — not to mention — obtain health coverage for our young ones. The film tax incentive is our lifeblood. Without it, all of these jobs would be lost and that is a fact. Please support us. My crew and I are a small part of the thousands of folks with well-paying jobs on the line. Thank you so much for your time.

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