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My name is Carly Norton, and I am a production manager in Boston. I started as an intern at a local production company in 2004 and have worked consistently (and sometimes exhaustingly) on commercial shoots since then, being freelance for the past eight-plus years.

I see the money go directly into the community, whether it be renting homes, businesses, parks, or schools for locations; patronizing prop houses, costume shops, and local stores for art and wardrobe; hiring caterers or visiting local restaurants for crew lunches and client dinners; booking hotel rooms for out of town producers/directors/talent; contracting with camera, grip, sound, and lighting houses for equipment; or renting vehicles from independent van and truck rentals. Plus, there are the daily wages that go to the local hardworking crew and talent.

There is no question that the tax incentives have helped the Massachusetts economy by not only keeping our Boston-based production companies extremely busy, but bringing LA and NY production companies to town, where they spend their budgets in our local communities.

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