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My name is Tom Derian, but no one in the movie industry knows my last name.  I am known as “Tom the Cleaner.” I have owned my cleaning company for almost 33 years. I am blessed to be one of the cleaning companies that cleans 99% of all production offices, warehouse offices, wardrobe offices, and every location in Massachusetts that is rented for a scene.

Because of the film industry in Massachusetts, and because of the tax incentive, my company is successful. I pay more tax now that I am working on films than I have ever paid. I am one of the hardest working janitors that you will ever come across. Mine is a real blue-collar small business.

So, why am I writing this letter?  If I were to guess, close to 100% of the people that make movies — painters, construction, set dec, designers  — are all blue-collar middle-class people. They work 12 hours a day, at least.  Most of them live in Massachusetts.  They all pay tax to Massachusetts. You take away films, you take away the jobs of  thousands of people, and you shut down my company, caterers, and trucking companies. You will put a dent in the restaurant/hotel business, and other companies that sell to the film studios.  There are so many people that will be affected by this. Come to a working set.  You will be amazed.

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