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My name is Cory and I’ve been acting here in Massachusetts for thirty years now. Acting is a tough business. I have noticed an incredible increase of employment opportunities over the past several years and that has enabled me to make decent income for my family and me.

In all honesty, I know no other industry that works as hard and as long as a film crew. We’ve said “yes” to this business, and with that nod comes long hours, sacrifices, tears and smiles — all for the love of telling stories. The film tax incentives have created a local talent pool here — everyone from catering to makeup to costumes to drivers. We’re at the point where a local industry has made good, and it has now become our sustenance — day to day, job to job, project to project.

It is my hope that Massachusetts continues to thrive in making films, and that it continues to solidify and sustain a tight-knit community of the hardest working locals I know — it is only through the tax incentive that this is possible

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