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My name is Craig Shannon, and I work in camera and post. I have spent a long time working and traveling, from the Caribbean to South America, Alaska, and California. However, no matter where I go, my favorite place to work and live is here in Massachusetts and New England. I believe it is full of the most creative and diverse group of talented filmmakers and craftspeople. It is my home and I do not want to lose the tight-knit group of people who are not only fellow professionals but friends. Do not take away the tax incentive. Doing so will be a devastating blow to the art and culture we have cultivated together, and it will mean the loss of jobs for not only the filmmakers but also other businesses and other industries who are regularly called upon to work with us in creating our film and commercial work. The film industry is not just a group of artists but a serious industry that produces a good just as sought after as any other industry in Massachusetts. Leave the tax incentive be and let us do our work.

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