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My name is David Abate, and I have been working in the film industry for the past seven years. I work in the craft service field.

We are responsible for feeding the cast and crew (mostly residents of Massachusetts) throughout the day. To do this, we spend lot of money with local stores and restaurants. To give you an example of this, let me tell you about one day of buying from local business:

One recent Friday, I started my day by stopping off at Donna’s Donuts, where I spent $60 on breakfast items. After going to the set and getting my table set, I headed out to purchase over $600 worth of snacks. I then headed to the grocery store where I spent another $200 dollars on milk, fruit, bread, and other various items. Later that day, we accepted a delivery order for another $1,000 dollars of food product. On set this same day, we got our coffee delivery from Boston Bean for around $300. We ended the day by bringing in a food truck to serve tacos to the cast and crew. The bill for this was $2,800. That’s six companies that are all local businesses that also employ locals.

We spent almost $5,000 on this one day. We work five days a week (sometimes six!) and will be filming for nine weeks. Now tell me we don’t support the local economy. Save the tax incentive and save our jobs.

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