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My name is Deborah Kehs Barbour. My husband Abel and I have worked in the film industry since 2008. I work as a set dresser and he as a rigger, set dresser, and now a CDL driver. Between the two of us, we have 40-plus productions under our belts.

We have seen firsthand how the local economy benefits from this industry. Every penny we make goes back to local businesses, because we live in Massachusetts and are raising our child here.

On the job, as a set dressing foreman, I have overseen the distribution of goods to numerous charities at the end of a production. We donate to battered women’s shelters, veterans’ organizations, homeless shelters, animal shelters, schools, and daycare centers. We give any materials and goods we can to those who need them. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations given to organizations that directly benefit Massachusetts residents.

Without the movie and television industry, my husband and I will lose our income, health insurance, and home. And all of the groups listed above will lose as well.

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