Eric :: Production Assistant


My name is Eric Anderson, and I am currently working film/television production in Massachusetts as a production assistant. I was born and raised in Canton, MA. Both of my parents were born and raised in Canton, MA, where they still reside.

I never went to college. I found myself in an industry that gave me an opportunity; an industry that solely relies on resilience; an industry that thrives on stubborn heritage and a true strength in character. It’s undeniable that there’s a pride in being from Massachusetts. Part of that pride is being the complete opposite of the “Hollywood stereotype.” We are hard workers. We see past the frivolity of glamor and gratuitous excess. Our history is full of headstrong, intellectual people.

We attempt to act as ambassadors for our region by representing the qualities of hard work and reliability that have formed the character of Massachusetts and New England, not just nationally, but worldwide.

There are many options for filmmakers out there. We are a welcoming family, and the best at our jobs, and hold pride and awareness for the communities we were raised in. Please do what’s best for the Commonwealth and keep this tax incentive active.

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