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My name is Ethan Fox. My wife Tracy and I live in Walpole, MA. Together we provide craft services to local production crews that film in Massachusetts. Opportunities created by the film incentive gave us the confidence to start a craft service company, FoxCraft, almost ten years ago, and we are proud to call it our own. We started a family six years ago, and continue to give both our family and our small business everything we have so that it can sustain us and our now two children.

The dollars we are budgeted to spend are OUR responsibility and are NOT taken lightly. To prove that the film tax incentives are working, we spend our budgets at mom-and-pop businesses, small business like our own, business that are unmistakably Massachusetts-owned and -operated, ones we find off the beaten path, and that are grateful and appreciative of the business.

We pride ourselves in passing the monies on to the little guys. It’s one of our ways of helping better others. Having been fortunate to service a handful of productions, we’ve traversed the state and met incredible taxpaying people who truly are grateful for the business we give them. To us, it’s a badge of honor and a reward to be able to show off the quality, locally made products, as well as the character, tradition, and pride of local businessmen and women. It’s what keeps people coming back! The positive impact is undeniable!

Work was created by the film tax incentives, and our life, family, and career have taken off thanks to it. Please don’t destroy the jobs we count on. Allow them to continue creating opportunities!

Film tax incentives BROUGHT business to town, and opportunity keeps knocking for thousands of extremely hardworking and talented craftsmen.It’s working!

Don’t give up on the thousands of skilled laborers that the film tax incentive supports. Our hard work and dedication keep us persevering with what we have, but the economic stimulus that the film incentives created and continue to create are immeasurable. Don’t close the doors on the livelihoods of thousand of people working hard everyday to maximize the opportunities you’ve afforded us. When jobs leave the state, families are pressed to leave and “follow the work.” Keep our families together by leaving the tax incentives in place. Thank you in advance for taking my family’s well-being to heart and leaving the film tax incentives in place.

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