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Please do not eliminate the film tax incentives. They have been the saving boost to our family antique business (Howards Flying Dragon) for many years. We have been in business in Essex, MA, for 43 years, but the last eight years have been very difficult. Main Street is still suffering and half the antique stores in town have closed. Every year, we have been blessed with one or two movies filming in the area that come to us to buy props for their films. It is often in the nick of time to give us some added income to pay our taxes or be able to buy new inventory for the tourist season. There is also the added bonus in the tourist trade when they know a film has been made in the area and I can tell them what props were used in it.

If the film tax incentives are eliminated, it will be one more crack in the base holding up our family business and the survival of Main Street in Essex.

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