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Camera AssistantMy name is John McCarthy, and I am a resident of Norwood, MA. I have been a Local 600 camera assistant for less than a year and I am still meeting and networking with everyone around town. The only time I have not been away from home for a job was when I had the opportunity to work on two films in Boston, Spotlight and Ted 2.

Despite the long hours on theses two local feature films, I was happy to be working on projects close to home. I was able to see my wife for a few minutes, play with the dog, and sleep in my own bed. The rest of my year has been spent on the road. I have been driving down to New York City every week for work since last July. Heck, my first union job was on a feature in North Carolina.

I do this to make sure l have enough money to cover my monthly bills and to accumulate hours toward my healthcare and pension plans. I do this in hopes that one day I can quickly pay off my college debt and put some money toward something “real,” like a house and a child.

We should be doing more to keep film jobs in Massachusetts. Films employ locals and utilize local businesses. I expect no flack from unemployment if the jobs dry up.

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