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My name is John Burke. I’ve worked in the movie and television industry in Massachusetts since 2007. Most people know me for working craft service, which is the department that provides snacks, drinks, and smiles for the cast and crew throughout the day. Spending thousands of dollars each week, all of our supplies, food, beverages, etc. are bought directly from local Massachusetts vendors, all of them extremely happy and appreciative of our patronage and we of their businesses.

I myself was born and raised in Medford, MA. I was married, had my daughter (my wife helped), and bought my house in Medford, MA. All of my paychecks from the movies, TV shows, and commercials I work on helped with much of this and every day go right into my community.

All of my paychecks are possible because of the tax incentive. The tax incentive also allows me to go home to my family at the end of the day and sleep in my own bed. The Massachusetts film tax incentive is GREAT for the PEOPLE of Massachusetts. Please, don’t let it go away.

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