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Hello, my name is Karen Nestor. I consider Massachusetts my home. I grew up in Sharon and now live in Middleboro with my husband and two children. However, my story is different than most of what you have been seeing. I do account payables for a local lighting equipment rental company. We employ over 60 people doing various jobs from lighting and accounting to gear maintenance and customer service, and all that falls in between.

Although I am not out on shoots or helping behind the scenes, I can definitely tell you that what comes across my desk for payment would affect not just me, but all the Massachusetts vendors from whom we purchases or rent. If the tax incentive is taken away, it will have a spiral effect, right down to those local vendors.

My family is my life! My husband and I work hard at our jobs to be able to provide for our family. If the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit is eliminated, it won’t be just me that will have to restructure, but a lot of other families as well.

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