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KHirsch saveMAfilmjobsMy name is Karen Hirsch and I do craft service. I’ve been a “crafty” for three-plus years, but I’ve been in this business for 30 years. I started my own business in 1985, called New England Film Freelancers, a scheduling service for freelancers in the film industry. It was a relatively young and small community just starting to grow. Around the same time, I helped my husband, Jim Hirsch (an LD/gaffer), and his business partner, John Cini, start their companies, High Output, Inc. and Charles River Studios. Within six years, I had started a family, and NEFF phased out as a new company, Central Booking Service, became New England’s go-to service for freelancers in the biz. As the film industry has grown, I’ve worked for High Output both in the office and on location. My love for food, cooking, and throwing a good party led me to my current job doing craft service.

As a craft service person, I work on TV commercials and movies. My job includes shopping and supporting local shops and restaurants buying food, snacks, and drinks to serve all day to the cast and crew.

I live in Brookline; craft service is my job; and my husband’s job and business is our livelihood. Individual features are temporary, and our jobs are permanent. Keeping the film tax incentives will allow us, the thousands of people in the industry, and all the businesses we support, to stay in Massachusetts.

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