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My name is Kevin Hardy. I have been in the transportation department for the last five years as a truck driver. I have three beautiful children, two of whom are currently in college.The film tax incentive in Massachusetts provides thousands of jobs in hundreds of specific fields of skill that are required to make a film in Massachusetts. I am one of the many that supports myself and family through this industry. Millions of dollars are spent not only on payroll for the workers in this industry, but also in both large and small businesses throughout the entire state. A lot of the money spent by production companies is not quantified in any reports in dollar-for-dollar spending estimates, but it is real and significant.

I will share this story as one small example: Two years ago, we spent five weeks filming out in a small town called Shelburne Falls. There was a small “mom and pop” pump station in a rather remote area of town. Drivers fueled 35 diesel trucks for the entire time we were there. Just before we left town, I talked with both the husband and wife who owned the station. They confided in me that, had it not been for the recent business that this movie provided them, they would have closed their doors. They were behind on their bills. The movie allowed them to clear up their debt and put them in a position to thrive going forward. This is just one of many cases of how this industry affects people and their daily businesses. Those who say the film tax incentive is a burden can skew the numbers any which way they want, but they cannot deny the reality of this industry and how it only helps Massachusetts taxpaying residents and its economy! Thank you for reading.


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