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Kirshon Paint Warehouse has been a family-owned business in the same location (124 Pearl St. Chelsea) for almost 70 years.

In 2008, we began selling paint and supplies to the film industry. We have enjoyed a great relationship with the movie production people and helped to secure lasting relationships through excellent service, knowledge, and friendly staff.

We have seen an increase in our business over this time, and it has become necessary to hire more staff to accommodate the growth of our business. We have also seen employees gain extra working hours. Furthermore, the movies also paint with Benjamin Moore Paints, our major brand, which is produced in Milford, MA.

With the increases and additions, we have seen increases in our payroll taxes and income taxes as well. I have been able to direct local out-of-work painters to join the scenic painters.

It would negatively affect my business if the movie production companies did not continue to film in Massachusetts. I may have to cut hours or, worse yet, lay off employees. Please consider all the good that the film industry does, such as donating to local schools and businesses that are in the shooting locales.

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