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My name is Mary Bosley, and I’ve been fortunate to be a working member of the Massachusetts film community for more than 20 years. I’ve worked on commercials, feature films, corporate pieces, music videos, web projects, and more. I’ve worked in production, locations, props, and wardrobe. I’m proud to work amongst some of the hardest working and most creative thinkers in the film business. Our crew members are skilled, smart, resourceful, and resilient. They are my colleagues and your neighbors.

I’ve worked on hundreds of commercials and, as a line producer, I am responsible for the working budget of a project. There are 329 lines in a standard commercial budget. Each line represents a dollar amount spent on a person, place, or thing. On commercials shot in Massachusetts, that translates to direct revenue shared with individuals and small businesses across the commonwealth. Keeping the film tax incentive is important to retain both this revenue and our hardworking colleagues.

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