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Matt BouldryMy name is Matt Bouldry, and I am a casting director in Massachusetts. In fact, I am specifically hired to cast only actors who live here.

For my work, I have hired hundreds of local people and given them taxable work. The film tax incentive is why I’m employed, and why all the people I have hired are employed in Massachusetts. My family is provided for because of the Massachusetts film tax incentive.  This industry has been building up a base here for more than a decade. It’s not because of the glamour of the movie industry that we need the film tax incentive, it’s because it employs thousands and thousands of families in the Bay State.

  • Bill Porter - Hi! My name is Bill Porter.. I am a Honorable disabled Veteran of the “Massachusetts” Army National Guard, AND the US Army..
    I’m also a Sag/Aftra Union Film,and stage Actor/independent producer, born and raised in So. Boston.. I originally started my film and stage career in Los Angeles,and just returned home to Boston after studying and working for 9 years in Hollywood Ca.
    I am currently in the process of purchasing a home here in the state of Massachusetts ,also with the hopes of working in the local New England Film, and Theater industry,and to most likely start a small business/acting school while attaching the
    “Disabled Veterans Small Business Alliance” with the intent to create jobs,and after school programs for kids in the Arts, while most recently teaching a few classes on film and stage acting at Medford High school.. If the tax incentive does not continue here in New England I would be forced to relocate back to Los Angeles where the incentive is currently being reinstated for great reasons. This would be very upsetting due to the fact that my immediate family is all born and raised here in Boston, and after so many years of serving the state of Massachusetts and our country domestically and abroad, I would love nothing more than to be working here at home in the film and theater industry, providing for my family and the artistic community of Boston Massachusetts..
    Kind Regards
    Bill Porter

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