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My name is Rob Vater, snf I’m a North Shore native living in Wakefield, MA. I am also production manager at Redtree Productions and a graduate of Fitchburg State University. As a student, one of the best feelings was to learn that not only could I stay in state to get my education in production, but — thanks to the film tax incentives — I could also stay here in Massachusetts to build my career. Since graduating, I’ve been able to work full-time in the field I love, with many talented people, friends, and fellow alumni.

If we lose the film tax incentive, not only will the films, commercials, and television shows go elsewhere, but our graduates and a lot of working-class families will leave as well. This incentive isn’t essential for “Hollywood,” it’s essential for us, all of the working-class people who make a life and career out of production. Film = Jobs

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