Robert :: Camera Operator, Lighting Technician

save-ma-film-jobs_0004My name is Robert Beinhocker. For the last ten years, I have worked as a camera operator/cinematographer and a lighting technician. I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Massachusetts, and the film tax incentive made it possible for me to stay and make a living here while caring for my elderly mother.

I’ve witnessed how the tax incentive changed the industry here from a small dedicated core of folks scraping by to a large community of highly-skilled craftspeople who are able to offer services on par to what productions expect in LA and NY. There were more Massachusetts-based stories that came out during the film tax incentive period than any other time in our film history. I can’t imagine The Fighter, Finest Hours, Black Mass, or any other film rooted in local lore to be made in another state or country. But they could be. This is something that Massachusetts should be proud of; our historic state deserves to be on the A-list of storytellers in our country.

While filming for a television series or lighting on a feature, we relied innumerable times on local vendors for our gear, on hotels and office spaces for production offices, and on the many restaurants and coffee shops who, after a while, knew our names. Learning how the film Zookeeper helped save the landmark Franklin Park Zoo made me feel grateful in the impact these productions have in our community. Best of all is when my friends and colleagues share the news that they are able to buy a home and start a family with the money earned in Massachusetts-based productions. If the sign of a healthy economy is defined by how well the money circulates within all areas of the community, then the film tax incentie is a good investment. Come by a film set, see us work, talk to us when we’re free, and get to know our stories and the hard work we do.

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