Sean :: Unit Production Manager


My name is Sean Doyle. My wife Ruth and I are both Massachusetts natives. I’ve been working in the film industry in Massachusetts since 2006. In that time, I’ve produced six indie films, two reality TV pilots, and, most recently, was the unit production manager on a narrative spec pilot in the fall of 2013.

Prior to working in the film industry, I spent 15 years working in finance for Merrill Lynch, John Hancock, Eaton Vance, and others. I have brokered tax credits in the past. I was able to leave my previous unsatisfying career and chase my dream of working in film and TV, specifically because of the Massachusetts film tax incentives.

On studio and network projects alone, I’ve handled budgets totaling well over $5 million, spanning construction, art department, picture cars, and others.  I can absolutely, positively, without a shadow of doubt, tell you that the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit WORKS. It employs people; it allows vendors to employ people; it puts a great deal of liquid assets in the pockets of local vendors; and, frankly, in the case of my wife and me…it allows people to do what they’ve always wanted to do.


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