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We are Team Crafty, a thriving new Massachusetts-based craft service company that was created directly due to the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit four years ago. Started by Framingham-born Dave Steinwachs and Dedham-born Cameron Goodrich, Team Crafty serves gourmet snacks to the cast and crew of movie and television productions.

Due to our job, we have a direct line to every community we film in and numerous local businesses within those communities. We spend money, plain and simple. Production companies come into town and literally give us thousands of dollars every day to spend within the state. We have the duty of feeding a large amount of people and are always in need of more food. That food ALWAYS comes from whatever community we happen to be filming in that day.
Whether it’s Boston Bagel Company in Southie for our deli meats and bagels, Lamberts in Dorchester for all of our fruit, The Mandarin in Reading for second meals, LaRonga Bakery in Somerville for a lot of our baked goods, numerous food trucks like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, The Cookie Monstah, Captain Martins Seafood, and Kick-Ass Cupcakes, or Kane’s Donuts in Saugus for our “Fat Kid Friday” spread every Friday, we use local vendors for all of our food needs. We do also shop at the larger stores, like Stop & Shop, Market Basket, Roche Bros., and BJ’s Wholesale Club for a lot of our goods, spending thousands –even millions — of dollars every year at these chains. Although we definitely use the larger businesses, we have made a massive push to use as many small local businesses and vendors as possible, because that’s who we are and that’s who we support. Time and time again, these small businesses let us know how much of an impact we’ve had on their day, week, month, and even their entire year. Many of these vendors have even been able to expand their businesses, hire more people, and open new locations due to the money they have made directly from the film industry.

This industry has allowed so many working families of Massachusetts to make a solid, honest living, following their passion for making movies. It has allowed many of these people to start small businesses of their own, within and outside of the industry, solely from the money that they have earned due to the film tax incentive. It has allowed these people to buy homes, purchase cars, and support their families. The only reason why these people have been able to do so is the film tax incentive.

Many producers are quite open about admitting that they are only here because of the tax break. To get rid of it would kill thousands of jobs, ruin many up-and-coming small businesses, and take a very large chunk of business away from many local vendors. The positive impact this industry has brought to Massachusetts is too impressive to ignore. We truly hope for the sake of our coworkers and their families, our local vendors, the thousands of people directly affected by the incentive, and our own business and livelihood, Massachusetts will reconsider eliminating the film tax incentive. Plain and simple, Films=Jobs.

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