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My name is Tiffany Crosby and I am a SAG-AFTRA actress, producer, and comedian in Massachusetts. I started living my dream in 2010 with the goal to make storytelling a living and I knew that getting my SAG-AFTRA card was a must. To say that the Massachusetts film tax incentive helped me achieve that goal is a HUGE understatement. Because of the draw of the Incentive, Paul Feig brought The Heat to Boston in 2012, and I was given the unforgettable experience of being Melissa McCarthy’s stand-in and got my SAG-AFTRA card with flying colors! As “actor-preneurs,” my husband and I thrive when films come to town. The Massachusetts film tax incentive helps working-class people like me get off the ramen diet and eat some pretty stellar set food during shooting!

It is because I am following my dream to tell stories and make a difference that my family has become inspired to follow and find their inner champion. Please don’t let Massachusetts be just another stepping stone for the dreamers searching for their inner champion. Let them stand strong and say IT IS HAPPENING IN MASSACHUSETTS!

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