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As a resident of Massachusetts and a producer at Northern Light Productions, a film production company located in Allston, MA, I can assure you that the Massachusetts film tax incentive has been a boon to the film production community in our commonwealth.

Massachusetts is home to some of the most prestigious film schools in the nation, yet before 2006, we were a state that exported much of our filmmaking talent to Toronto, New York, and California.

All of this changed in 2006 with the initiation of the commonwealth’s film tax incentive program. As a result, since 2006, the state has captured thousands of taxpaying filmmakers and new small businesses that otherwise would have left the state or would have never come into existence. Beyond this, there are many other Massachusetts individuals and entities that would have never benefited from our vibrant media production community, from caterers to actors to costume supply companies, for example.

In summary, the film tax incentive is not for Hollywood — it’s for Massachusetts residents and for Massachusetts businesses like the one for which I work.

It’s for me.

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