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imageMy name is Tim Folger. I work as a prop maker and special effects technician in the film industry here in Massachusetts. Born and raised on the South Shore, I’m a full-time resident, and my living depends on the thriving film industry in this great, little state.

Though I am relatively new to the industry, it’s clear to see that film production not only provides thousands of high-skill jobs to families in this state, but also spends a staggering amount of money here. Productions spend money on things like¬†building materials and supplies, fuel, property rental, vehicles and equipment, local police and security, trash disposal, food supply, etc.

The jobs of people working directly in the industry are not the only ones at risk —¬†many local businesses, vendors, city governments, and their employees all benefit from the growing film industry in Massachusetts.

When we think of films, we naturally think of Hollywood, but it’s not just about the people in front of the lens. There are many more unseen and hard working local people behind the scenes making a living. Every day.

Keep the film tax incentive. It makes sense for Massachusetts.

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