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My name is Diana Barton and I own Walking City Production Rentals, a “base camp” equipment and talent trailer rental company located in Carver, MA.

I have also worked as a freelance television production supervisor, associate director, and producer for more than 23 years now. I lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and decided in 2002 to move back to Massachusetts to raise my growing family here with my husband.

I was thrilled to see the tax incentives put into place here and all the start-ups that followed. As I saw the industry developing, and after working on local television shows, I saw that there was a need for a “one stop shop” rental company for all base camp equipment.

So, on April 1, 2009, I opened Walking City! We are hired by both in-state companies and out-of-state companies. We have worked on everything from feature films to photo shoots here in Massachusetts and the business gets better every year. I have been able to employ a number of employees over the years, and I’m grateful for that.

Please, do not take this tax incentive away. It will eliminate everything that so many of us have tried to build over the years. Thank you.

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