Adam :: Rigging Electrician, Generator Operator


I am a rigging electrician and generator operator who has lived in the Boston area for more than twenty years. I make sure that film sets and outdoor locations are all wired and powered safely.

Thanks to the Massachusetts film tax incentive, I’ve been able to work full-time in the movie business since 2007. Prior to that, it was very slow going. Massachusetts competes with many other states (and Canadian provinces) for all sorts of film, TV, and commercial production.

Just like other modern industries, film production can easily be relocated and outsourced with only the bottom line in mind. If the Massachusetts film tax incentive is eliminated, there is little doubt that the number of movies shot here will be reduced to a trickle. As a result, many of our skilled laborers and valued technicians will be forced to either uproot their families and relocate to a more film-friendly state, or else consider a midlife career change. Please don’t let this happen.

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