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My name is Bob Folger, and I am a commercial account executive for AFR Furniture Rental. I have worked in the commercial furniture rental business for over seven years. In that time, I have developed some great relationships with the production and film industry professionals and would have to say that a significant amount of my revenue comes from the film industry here in Massachusetts. It is a great industry and revenue source for our state. I see in the production offices the number of vendors used to put an office together and all the other local businesses needed to put a movie together. I look at New England Studios that was built in my backyard. What a fantastic source of construction jobs for a extended period of time as well as permanent jobs here in Massachusetts.

I love movies, and with my vested interest, it makes such a difference to know that a film was made here in Massachusetts. I love reading in the papers and hearing on the radio about where the actors are shooting for the upcoming days and where they are seen out and about. I am very proud of everything that Massachusetts offers and all the big things that we have done and are capable of. I’d hate to see us lose such an exciting and interesting industry by not extending the tax incentives.

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