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My name is Andrew P. Wilson. I am a Weymouth resident and a NEW local Massachusetts business owner.

Just recently, I became licensed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an employment agency. More specifically, I own and run a talent agency, and it is my job to procure employment opportunities for local film/tv actors and other talented professionals.

Over the past five years, I have seen many new clients permanently moving to, or shooting in, Massachusetts. I’ve worked with clients from other parts of the US as well as England and Germany — all of whom came here to spend their money and hire local crew and talent.

There are several thousand local actors here, and many of them are professional, meaning they are members of a professional union and/or work as full-time actors with no (or little) other income. These actors are people you know. You may not know them by name, but you see them, laugh at them, and emote with them every single day on your television when you are enjoying locally made films and commercials. They are not always the stars, but they are hardworking, lower income people (mostly) just struggling to survive while doing what they love to do.

A LOCAL Massachusetts actor does not make a lot of money, and much of what he or she earns is put back into supporting other local Massachusetts people, such as acting coaches, head shot photographers, demo reel producers, and resume writers — all of which are small, local businesses.

For me, it’s simple: If we lose the film tax incentive, or even change it so that it no longer supports the continued growth of a full-time industry here, Hollywood will take it money to Atlanta, smaller productions/producers will follow that money, actors will be forced to follow the work, and I will lose my business within a few months of opening.

So as potentially the newest business to open as a result of growth in the local film industry, please allow me to keep helping local people be employed.

“Without investment there will not be growth, and without growth there will not be employment.”

  • Jena - I am a professional SAG AFTRA actress, tv host, and model. I am mostly based in NY but because of all of the fruitful jobs in MA lately, I have procured representation in my favorite city (Boston) and work locally when I can. From a semi-outsider’s perspective, the industry in MA is booming and it’s a great thing. I have been a professional actor for 5 years and I have been granted opportunities for auditions/ roles in MA that I never would have even been looked at for in NY. The industry here and the casting directors and agents here give you a CHANCE to show your talents. I am so grateful to the agents and casting directors in MA for giving me the opportunity to audition and book roles that only go to “star names” in places like NY and LA. One day, I would love to move back and reside in Boston permanently with my Bostonian boyfriend of 6 years. But for now, we remain long distance because the industry is so uncertain here.
    I would like to say that I am so grateful to Andrew Wilson for being my first agent in MA. I have gotten so many opportunities because of his belief in me and I’m sure I’m not the only person to have this experience. He’s hardworking, dedicated, personable, and the utmost professional. It’s because of people (and specifically, industry people) like him that I have faith in my career path. He just opened his own agency and as if that’s not a gamble enough, he now has the uncertain fate of MA tax credits hanging in the balance. Do not put hardworking, dedicated people like Andrew and like me out of work. The work and the film opportunities will always be there, they will just move to the next local spot that supports them. Let us be the place that gives that support. Thank you.ReplyCancel

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