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My name is Darrell Temple. I’ve been in the film business in Massachusetts and a member of IATSE Local 481 for almost 20 years. During that time, our industry has seen some slow times. The early 2000s, when there was no tax incentive in place, was one of those times, so I decided to look into starting a small business that could supplement my income. In 2006, I bought into a pizza franchise and opened a shop in Middleton, MA. I ran it for five years, but for several reasons it was not successful, so I sold it back to the franchisor for a big loss. Fortunately, during that run, the Massachusetts tax incentive went into effect and there were many projects in production. This enabled me to get back into the field that I love and recover from the loss that I took. Without the Massachusetts film tax incentive, I would not be able to provide for my family.

I am just one of thousands of workers and businesses for whom ending the incentive would be detrimental — not only employees of the motion picture industry, but local shops, restaurants, suppliers and all their employees will suffer great losses.

Please support the Massachusetts film tax incentive in any way you can.

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