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My name is K-C Roballo. I have been fortunate enough to work in stunts, as a medic, and as a grip. I’ve been blessed enough to work in the film industry for almost eight years. In that short time, I’ve met and worked with a multitude of amazing people, all with the same united goal: to provide for their families while working a job they enjoy in an industry that reaches millions.

I have held a plethora of jobs in my life — USMC from 1996-2000, firefighter, EMT, etc. — and just like in those fields, here in the film world there is a brotherhood and sense of family. There is a level of respect for each other that far surpasses what you would find in many other work places.

The film and television industry not only provides work for those of us fortunate enough to be working on the production, it also financially benefits local businesses both large and small. From the companies where building supplies are purchased to the mom-and-pop coffee shops where crews get their breakfast. And then there’s the excitement that hits a neighborhood when folks are allowed to hang out and watch the work that goes into making what they will later see on screen. Take a few moments the next time you watch a movie and view it ALL THE WAY through. Those seemingly random words at the end are just a fraction of the names of people who were able to provide for their families while working on the production you just enjoyed.

Along with my thoughts, I’ve included a picture of my family that I am able to support and provide for, on a vacation we were able to take because of the successful year I had working in this industry.

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