Malik :: Composer, Producer


My name is Malik Williams. I own and operate Liptunes Music, a music production and publishing company based in Boston. I am also a platinum-selling composer, producer, engineer, and music supervisor. My work has appeared on records, and in films, television shows, national advertising campaigns,  and other forms of digital media. I was born in Roxbury, grew up in Dorchester, and now my family and I reside in Randolph, MA. Being able to work and network here within the Massachusetts film industry has been really great for me as a composer, producer, engineer, and voice talent. And it’s not just on major film projects; there are a lot of independent films that are being made here that are looking for local music supervisors, composers, music producers, singers, and rappers to work closely with as their projects evolve. This has allowed me to find more stable work within my local community. Please continue to support the Massachusetts film tax incentive and allow us to sustain our businesses here in our home state!

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