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My name is Zach Miller. I have lived in Boston, MA, my whole life and I am proud to be a resident of the city. I went to college for communication and film in western Massachusetts; right after graduating, I took a job in Miami because it was difficult at the time to get into the film business here. After moving to three different cities in two years working as a freelance documentarian, I just finished working on my first feature with David O. Russell as an additional PA.

Because of the tax incentive, it was possible for me to move back to Boston and support myself through the worst winter and on into the spring. I hope the tax incentive stays so local businesses can keep benefiting from it. After my time spent on set, I now understand how many local people, businesses, and families it supports. Without it, where will we all go? Say no to taking the tax incentive away! ‪#‎boston‬ ‪#‎savemafilm‬

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