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My name is Sean Devereaux and I am the co-owner and co-founder of ZERO VFX in Boston, MA. In 2010, Brian Drewes and I started the company in my basement with three employees. Our first project was Zookeeper, which shot in Massachusetts as a result of the tax incentive. Without that film, ZERO would have never existed; since those humble beginnings, we have grown to over 50 full-time employees.

I cannot stress enough that we would not be here without the tax incentive, but that is not the whole story. The majority of the work and images we create are not incentivized and therefore not included in the DOR report. Half of our revenue is generated through commercials and advertising, none of which are incentivized by the production tax credit. Many of our commercial clients first hear about us because of our work in feature films, and they like knowing that their commercial is being created by the same talent that helped bring The Transformers to life.

This success has allowed us to recruit some of the very best visual effects talent in the world. These are highly compensated artists and producers who do not come and go with each film. They live here, they buy houses here, and they raise their families here, but they are not included in the report. Taking away the tax incentive would greatly diminish our ability to recruit and retain this experienced talent at a point in our growth where this is already one of our biggest challenges.

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