Carlos :: Lighting Technician


I have been working in Boston and New England for over 30 years in various capacities doing lighting and camerawork. I’ve been through good times and bad in this business and raised two children with my wife Claudia, a former filmmaker herself. Now my daughter Magda is an educator/filmmaker who just finished college at Hampshire and my son Will, a sophomore at Lexington HS, just completed his 5th short and a fundraising movie for his old elementary school.

What is happening in my family is possible because I have been able to make a living at what I love, film work. When I mentioned the good and bad times I meant this: good when there is work, i.e. tax incentives are in effect, bad when there is no work, no tax incentives. It is that simple: with incentives the movies come here, without, they don’t. It’s black and white. I have lived through both situations.

I guess what I’m getting at is that in their own way, the incentives are helping create a new generation of filmmakers and film workers in our lovely state. And that is good.

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