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My name is David Provenzano, and I have been working as a set lighting technician in Massachusetts for over a decade. My job allows me to provide for myself, and to stay close to my ailing father and my imminently expecting sister. (I’m so excited to become an uncle!)

A repeal of the film tax incentive would adversely effect the income of thousands of residents of our beautiful state. Additionally, it might force many of the men and women I work alongside on project after project to “follow” a tax incentive to another state that is benefiting from the huge amount of economic stimulus that film production can provide, such as Georgia or Louisiana. While those are both lovely places, they are not my home. Waltham, MA,┬áis my home. I hope to live here, and make movies here, for a long, long time.

Thank you so much for your time, attention, and consideration.

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