Erica :: Production Assistant


My name is Erica Scoppettuolo. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a degree in film.  After graduation, I was worried I’d have to make the move to NYC or LA to get work in my field. Because of the film incentive, I was able to acquire an assistant editing job at a local production company only few months after graduating. Coming from art school, I know that it’s incredibly rare to find work in the creative field that quickly in Massachusetts.

I have since become a production assistant for many MA film productions. All of which were shot here because of the incentive. Most recently I worked as a Construction Assistant on The Finest Hours, shot in Quincy, MA. That production kept me employed for 7 months. And some of those months I was working 6 days/week. The Massachusetts Film Incentive allowed me to have a steady income while perusing my career in the creative field.

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