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My name is Erin Cole. I’ve been a proud union actress for over a decade; recently, I was able to work on the other side of the camera in production on two Massachusetts-made movies. I would not have had these opportunities to practice my craft and expand my artistic pursuits if it weren’t for all of the film work that exists in Massachusetts. It is difficult to make a living as an actress because there is so much competition for each job. The pursuit is only made more difficult when there is no work to compete for in the first place!

The Massachusetts film tax incentives provide work for the people and artists who so desperately want it. But more than that, the work that we’ve been allowed has led to the subsequent expansion of an entire industry and the development and cultivation of entire artistic careers. By being allowed to expand my own artistic career into production, I was able to see how the incentives do the same thing for everyone working behind the camera as well. I saw how many vendors we employed and how much payroll we created for people and businesses in Massachusetts. These jobs help people like me pay our bills and our mortgages and take care of our families.

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