Fritz :: Grip/Lighting Technician



My name is Fritz, and I have been working in film and TV production since 2004. I grew up in Massachusetts after moving here from the Philippines in 1993. I still live in Massachusetts with my wife.

I have worked in numerous departments, but have focused on working as a grip/lighting technician. I have worked in grip and electric/lighting rental houses around Massachusetts to learn about the craft. I have traveled all over Massachusetts and discovered the wonderful locations that this state offers, thanks to the film and TV jobs that come here. A lot of productions come to this state because of the film tax incentive. There are very talented actors and crew who live in Massachusetts, whom I have been honored to work with.

It would be a pleasure to continue getting jobs in my home state of Massachusetts so I can go back home to my wife at the end of the work day. If I work here, I will spend money here for gas, food, equipment, etc. If the film tax incentive is eliminated, I will be forced to work in other states and will spend less time and money in Massachusetts. Please keep the film tax incentive so the cast and crews who live here don’t have a mass migration out of Massachusetts to other states. #SaveMAFilmJobs‬

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