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My name is James Connelly. In 2012 I graduated from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire with a degree in media production, media studies and journalism. I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life and have been lucky enough to have a big part of my family also living in Massachusetts. Since graduation I have worked on different sets including commercials independent movies and corporate video.

I fear if this bill gets past I would have to certainly relocate to continue working the way I work now. This would be heartbreaking because I never considered anywhere but Massachusetts my home. Post college I have made so many more friends who also happen to be coworkers. I don’t know many fields that could say the same about the closeness people can have on a production set.

Being able to provide all of these jobs in the Massachusetts area is a big achievement and a big incentive for people to stick around in Massachusetts, an already expensive state. It would be huge mistake and one that would be felt immediately and in the future. I hope with everybody that has reached out with their stories on this site, that the people that oppose the tax incentives are able to visualize how many jobs and Massachusetts residents are on the line.

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